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7 years – one day at a time…

I made it to another recovery birthday. I am always amazed and grateful for another truly wonderful year in recovery. The last 12 months have thrown up some challenges, mainly within my own head and how I deal with others. I made it through.

So what have a learned?

Anger, so easy to resort to getting angry in any situation, like a drug it truly masks any emotion that I happen to be feeling, and is a quick fix from what I am no doubt being challenged by.

Letting go, that one has really baked my noodle. I cannot fix everything, I cannot control every outcome. I am not responsible for the people in my life and how they behave. I am accountable for me, my actions and how I interact with everyone else. Big news! for me anyway.

Peace, no longer am I chasing happiness! When I used (alcohol, drugs, shopping or anything else for that matter), it was to always feel better. I describe my self as a “feel good junky”, I crave a better mood, less pain or discomfort. Over the last year, this has changed and I have become more at ease with me, who I am, what I stand for and believe in. When I get uncomfortable, I am more at peace with it, it’s how, where I am meant to be at that moment. I don’t get it right all the time, but practice, practice, practice makes it easier to remember.

Looking forward to another 365 days, one at a time, in this enlightening journey called recovery.

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