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The benefits of doing esteemable things.

One of the first things I learned in the rooms of 12 step recovery, is that to build self esteem I need to be doing esteemable things. When I stopped drinking my self esteem was non existent, yet my ego was huge, I had to learn how to get them in reverse. Not having a clue how to tackle this issue, I turned to another alcoholic and asked how they did it. I was told that being in recovery is all about service, whether that is in fellowships, giving freely what has been given to me, at home, doing the household chores (which I hate doing) or at work, doing the job I’m paid to do (not what I think I ought to be doing), it’s all service. By continually giving of myself, I slowly build my self esteem. As long as I am working to God’s will for me and not running the show myself, my mind opens and I feel better with each passing day. So I get the benefits of doing esteemable things, my self esteem rises from the gutter level it used be at and my ego is kept in check. I get to feel good about being me, and know that I’m being the best I can be, to me and those around me. All good spiritual stuff.

Now it would appear that not only those in recovery get the benefit of doing esteemable things, having read this post at anima counselling it seems that there are physical health benefits too. This is fantastic news all round. It really is ‘good for your heart as well as your soul’.

God bless.

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