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It’s ok, He gives me everything I need…

I borrowed this title from a song by a friend, with simple lyrics, it’s ok, you give me everything I need. This always reminds me that my recovery must start with continuing to develop my relationship with my Higher Power, whatever that may be.

When I remember to pray first thing in the morning, and to meditate at the earliest opportunity, then my spirit feels in balance with those around me as I progress through the remainder of the day. It is the connection I feel with HP that gives the sense that all will be ok.

Even if I get the life balance wrong, like working too much or not eating properly, having HP with me at all times saves me from going back to the drink, and all the carnage that would ensue.

Gratitude and faith, what more does a recovering alcoholic need?

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  1. Blessings of joy and Happiness.

    very nice blog, all good stuff.

    I would like to share a thought or a philosophy on the title of this blog segment. This thought is a culmination of hanging very actively for the last 37 years with 12 Steppers.

    “It’s ok, He gives me everything I need…” It is my current thinking, and who knows someday it may change, that “He” does NOT give anything. “He/She/IT” is everything everywhere, all the time. This is supported by many comments in the BB such as; “…either God is or God is not.” Most of us are not willing to say, “No, He is not” and therefore by circumstance; “God IS!”

    I have to ask myself nearly each breath in “consciousness” what is it that God is NOT? So far I have found absolutely nothing God is not. I in the same breath need to remember i suffer from a disease which primarily manifests in my perception, “a disease of perception, yes”. Put the two thoughts together and I come up with, “God is Good and there is no bad.” For me, end of story. Acceptance ends up being a huge huge thing here.

    So when you write; “He gives me…” I read, “HE Is!”! and I think I’ll let Him.

    Love and light,

    richard aka ezduzit777 on twitter
    check my recovery blog at

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the comment, thought provoking indeed. I agree that He is everything or else nothing, and it is my belief that He is everything. I only use the term He because I still have a little difficulty using the G word in public. Even on a recovery blog! Still have a lot of work to do on myself, obviously guided by my Higher Power, and the acceptance you mention. Acceptance around being enough as I am, and that God (whatever that may be) made me this way.

    I am three and half years into this journey, so have a long way to go, but God willing I’ll get there, wherever that may be.


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