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Exercise and recovery

When I was in treatment I was advised to be very careful around anything that changed the way I feel. Wise words. I started exercising at the beginning of the year and have really struggled to keep the obsessive part of my make up out of the gym. I have had phases where I have been totally obsessed with what I eat, how hard I train; to the point of almost blanking out all other concerns during the day. Not really that different from when I was drinking and drugging.

The biggest difference though, is that I am now totally aware of when this starts to happen and can reign it in and get a bit of perspective back in my life. Exercise is a fantastic thing, it really fires up my motivation, something I usually struggle with and helps with my entire well being, spiritual and mental. When my body feels good, the mind stops playing games with me, and my connection to my higher power flourishes.

Life still continues to be challenging, and if I’m not careful as I haven’t been lately, my patience and tolerance towards others suffers. Again, being in recovery has taught me to be aware of these failings; awareness is paramount to me, with it I can stop the negatives in their tracks and get back to being the better person I always wanted to be, but didn’t know how.

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